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Constant Variation? As a CrossFit athlete, this is the easiest way to describe our training and is one of the major principles of CrossFit: constant variance. All of us experience this just by completing the daily WOD at the box, which encompasses the utilization of different energy pathways, times domains, loads, exercises etc. After all, a constantly varied program is fundamental to increasing work capacity across broad time and modal domains! Whoa!

So, to back track for a minute, I recently attended a CrossFit Endurance Trainer seminar this past weekend in San Antonio. Besides the worst part of finding out how bad my running form was, sitting in a room with 50 other CrossFit athletes who all love to run and compete in events was awesome! The biggest thing I learned after reflecting back on the seminar is that the very same principle of variation in CrossFit, carries over into the CrossFit Endurance programming, which is just as important for a Crossfit athlete as it is to an Endurance athlete.

So, what is CrossFit Endurance? CrossFit Endurance is training that provides the opportunity for both endurance athletes, CrossFit athletes and those interested in trying endurance events to train using the Crossfit Endurance (CFE) methodology. That methodology maintains that constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements are the best way to train for any athletic event - including endurance sports – while minimizing your training time and maximizing your quality of life.

CrossFit Endurance training and programming is designed to help you
take your sport to the next level. So you must ask yourself,… what type of sport athlete are you? Single-sport or multi-sport? Examples of a single-sport; running events 5K's, marathons, MS 150, etc. Multi-sport athlete; Tri-athlete, Obstacle course racing, CrossFit athlete. With CrossFit Endurance training you will learn techniques and training attributes of an elite level runner and athlete. Through this programming, along with personal coaching and group training, you will quickly make adjustments and improvements to not only your running skills but your CrossFit training as well.

This new approach to endurance methodology has been gaining ground for the last few years.
The Crossfit Endurance program is based on biomechanics, efficient movement, and variation in metabolic conditioning. It operates on the belief that endurance sports involve technique-driven skills which are learned and performed under intense duress and then applied over longer outputs so that you can perform it right, perform it faster, and perform it longer. Sound like anything that you currently do?

With all that said, how does it work?

It starts with what all of us are currently doing…CrossFit! A functional fitness program that includes everything from Olympic weight lifting, gymnastics, calisthenics, and metabolic conditioning – 4 to 6 times per week (frequency varies by athlete). Doing WOD's that build a solid foundation of strength which includes mid-line, core and trunk development.

Crossfit also has the added benefit of training multiple metabolic pathways which are often neglected in traditional (LSD) (long slow distance) training programs. All of this translates into endurance performance by incorporating strength, power and balance into your training program.

In addition to your regular Crossfit workouts, suggested is to add 2-3 sport specific workouts each week. These WOD's will focus on skill, technique, and speed which will lead to a greater level of overall fitness and staggering gains to your endurance performance. Athletes who combine Crossfit and Crossfit Endurance are reducing their sport specific training time to less than 10 hours per week and are consistently setting personal records and remaining injury free. Don't believe us? Ask Ironman Kurt...


Anyone sipping the kool-aid yet? Bottom line, if you want to see continued gains in your overall performance in whatever you do, you have to make sure that you are taking advantage of every training opportunity giving to excel. We have amazing athletes at our box that I know are always looking for more ways to improve. This is just one of amongst many and I can’t wait to see the results as we get further into it.

Things for everyone to consider over the holidays as we get ready for the new year what are you in CrossFit for? Are you doing everything you can to see constant successes physically and performance based? What are you ready to try different? We have exciting things in the works for 2012 for YOU as members to step your game up and take your health and fiteness to a new level...question is will you be ready? (Jen here)


Get signed up for this Saturday morning's Endurance class and prepare to drink the kool-aid!