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Clear Lake CrossFit: Achieving exceptional results through high expectations of ourselves and our athletes, facilitated by the knowledge gained through years of practical application and coaching. High Expectations + Experienced Coaching= Exceptional Results

Clear Lake CrossFit is a school of fitness where you are guaranteed to get the most out of your workouts. You will not see rows and rows of cardio equipment, mirrors, televisions, machines or spa treatments. What you will see is a carefully selected array of functional training equipment designed to maximize your fitness level.

This is not our first foray in to fitness, so if you are looking for experience, we have it. If you are shopping for the lowest price, we are not it. If you are looking to achieve elite results through the highest caliber of coaching in an environment that fosters a family community, we are for you.

We don’t just sell memberships here. We give you health and fitness. We give you strength and confidence. In some cases we even give you a renewed spirit for YOU. Where do you want to be with your health and fitness? What do you want to see in a mirror? We will get you there. Just walk in the door and tell us your goals and what you are willing to do to get there. Results Promised and Guaranteed.

In classes a trainer will be with you throughout your workout providing you with feedback on technique, form, safety and positive encouragement.  You will not encounter 'new to coaching' trainers. Every coach is a life long athlete and/or a professional coach, who knows what it takes to excel physically and what it takes to help others excel physically and mentally.

Each class is limited in size in order to ensure that the trainer gives you the attention that you deserve. We are not bootcamps, we are small group personalized attention that guarantees safety, progress and results for each client. We believe Crossfit is for anyone with a warrior spirit that can bring a 'can do' attitude to the gym regardless of fitness level. From soccer moms, athletes, grandparents or fitness newbies, CrossFit and Clear Lake CrossFit can and WILL change your life if you commit. Are you ready?
Come down and see for yourself what makes us different.

Josh Ruiz 
CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer

Josh grew up in Seagraves, Tx where he was a six-sport athlete. After high school, he attended Texas Tech University, earning his bachelors degree in Exercise and Sport Science.  Since 2000, he has worked with  and coached children and young adults on various sports teams. 

Josh was introduced to CrossFit in 2007.  After six minutes into "Cindy", he realized how badly out of shape he had actually become. Since then, CrossFit has helped him lose almost 150 pounds. Helping others reach their goals and become healthier individuals has now become his passion.  He has been a CrossFit trainer since 2010.

DT 10:20

Grace 2:06

Helen 9:52

FGB 322


Dana Wessale Landry 

 CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer, CrossFit Kids Certified Trainer

Dana grew up Clear Lake and has been CrossFitting since Summer 2008.   

Her active lifestyle and enjoyment of working with people led her down the path to receive a BS in Health/Dance Education (as well as IST) from the University of Houston.

Dana’s fitness background consists of dancing since her early teens as well as being a long-time gym rat.  Throughout her 15+ years as a professional modern dancer she has choreographed and coached technique classes from ages 3 to adult.

Dana strongly believes in CrossFit and has experienced firsthand how CrossFit can change and enhance your life; physically and emotionally. She wants to educate others and help improve their health and overall life.   Dana is is ready to start educating and training the little CrossFitters to help build strong and confident teens and adults.


AJ Rodrigue
CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer

Before discovering CrossFit, AJ’s athletic background was in track and field during high school and college. To relieve the stress of graduate school and determined to gloriously fit into a wedding dress, she discovered CrossFit in March 2010.

Since then, she’s competed in several local competitions, improved as an athlete, became certified and now focuses on improving the athleticism of the amazing athletes at CLCF. By day, AJ is behavior analyst specializing in children with developmental disabilities. Combining her passion for working with kids and the mindset that Crossfit is for everyone, she hopes to one day be able to coach mini-athletes.

Fran: 5:04

Helen: 11:01

Life: Winner

Deadlift: 235

Backsquat: 215

Press: 130

BJ Rodrigue
CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer

BJ's athletic background is in baseball. He played Division I baseball and as his career came to an end he decided to take a break from the constant grind of working out. After taking a few years off from training his wife invited him to a class at Clear Lake CrossFit and he has been crossfiting since that date in July 2010.

Since starting crossFit he has competed in local competitions and gained more strength then his college days. BJ is a Reliability Engineer at Lockheed Martin and works on the Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle. BJ enjoys helping others succeed and achieve their goals. CrossFit is a great way for everyone young to old to improve their standard of living through fitness.




Cory Bullock
CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer, CrossFit Endurance Certified Trainer, CrossFit Kids Certified Trainer

Cory's passion for physical fitness training began with his Navy career in 1999 when he became a US Navy Rescue Swimmer. He furthered his training background by becoming Command Fitness Leader certified where he was in charge of the overall fitness of 5000+ personnel. He then found CrossFit and has been obsessed with it since Feb 2011. He is also an experienced obstacle course runner and has done several marathons. 

Cory is married to fellow CLCF'r Summer Bullock and is father to 3 awesome kids.  He and his wife are local business owners of a preschool called Kiddie Academy in League City. God, Family, CrossFit!

Helen 8:49
Baseline: 3:42
400m Run 51 sec
1 mile Run 5:31
10+consecutive m/u
HSPU all day!!!

Holly Lynn
CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer

RRCA certified running coach
TANK Reformer Pilates instructor
Mad Dogg Certified Spinning Instructor
Holly was Introduced to CrossFit while on a climbing expedition in the Alaska Range, where one of the guides never shut up about CrossFit!  She immediately came back to Texas and found out what all the hype was about.  Since that time Holly has competed in several CrossFit competitions and received her Level 1 Certification.
Before discovering CrossFit, Holly spent 7+ years as a RRCA certified running coach for the Team in Training program as well as a spinning and Reformer Pilates instructor for various “Globo” gyms in the Houston/Clear Lake area.  Fitness has always been a passion of hers, and Holly loves to share it with others pursuing a healthier lifestyle!

Holly has spent most of her life playing competitive sports, completing countless endurance events and obstacle course races, but there is nothing she enjoys more than rock climbing and mountaineering. Her climbing only got better once she discovered CrossFit!!

Holly has been happily married for 17 years to a man designed by God, just for her!  They have 3 amazing kids who all love CrossFit and are constantly learning how much fun the world can be if you just get out their and LIVE!
1 mile Run – 6:30
Back squat – 200
Snatch - 105
Yoga – LOVE IT!
Highest altitude - 14,110